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Inner Torah Workbook- Just Released!

The Inner Torah Workbook was originally available only to participants in the Level One Inner Torah International Teleconference Workshop (Workshop). Over the years since starting the Workshop, I saw that others could also benefit from its practical, step-by-step guidance and integrated way of learning how to come more fully into relationship with your true self and with Hashem. The result is a revised version of the Workbook just released, now available to anyone who wants to heal and grow.

The Workbook is designed so that you can work with it on your own, with a chavrusa (learning partner), or with a small group. New material created specifically for the Workshop is combined with teachings from the books, Inner Torah, Practical Inner Torah, The Breath and Body of Inner Torah, and The Inner Light of Love in a way that allows you to learn at your own pace and apply what you’re learning to our unique life circumstances.

The actual Workshop audio program, from which so many have already benefited, is also available in two formats.

The Workbook is available through Menucha Publishers, www.menuchapublishers.com, 718-232-0856.

See Menucha’s special offer below:

Inner Torah International Teleconference Workshop- 2017-18

Iy”H, this year’s teleconference workshop will begin on November 13, 2017. Please go to the workshop page for details. An introductory course, also described under the Workshop tab, is available as well.

Preparing Inside for Birth and Motherhood

What’s the best way to prepare inside for giving birth and being a mother? Strengthen your connection with Hashem – and yourself. While everyone knows that it’s important to have a strong connection with Hashem, it may come as more of a surprise that a strong connection with yourself is also important. Yet so many women who have taken the time to come more fully into their bodies and into caring relationship with themselves before giving birth, report that their birth experiences were transformed. They felt present, strong, clear, calm, close to Hashem, and part of something so much bigger than themselves. They also report that their babies are calmer and happier.

So what does it mean to connect with yourself? On the physical level it means coming into your body – that magnificent container Hashem gave us to house our souls in this lifetime. With the simple tool of awareness, you can learn how to truly inhabit your body, to feel yourself inside your breath, your torso, your limbs, and your face. You can feel the solidity of your existence, the strength G-d gave you as a woman whose essence is pnimius (inner), and know that your body contains the wisdom it needs to give birth beyond anything you can imagine. This knowing becomes something tangible and real that you feel in your very cells, that carries you through the birthing process. It also helps you take good care of yourself physically during your pregnancy.

On the emotional level, connecting means coming into relationship with yourself, taking the time to get to know your vulnerabilities and help yourself, with assistance if needed, to deal with them. If for example, you’ve previously had a difficult birth experience, it means recognizing that the younger you who went through that experience may need help moving beyond it, letting go of the fear, pain, and other feelings that may still be lodged in your body from it. Or if, for example, you are ambivalent, or fearful about motherhood, it means getting to know the parts of yourself who feel that way, and rather than trying to push them away and pretend they don’t exist, actually engaging with them from a caring, concerned place and, in that way, helping to free yourself from their grip.

On an intellectual level, connecting means identifying the beliefs and ideas you carry about giving birth and mothering, recognizing where they come from, and deciding whether, as the meaningful adult in your life today, you agree or disagree. In other words, it means getting to know your preconceptions and how they influence you, and then taking responsibility for determining whether you want to perpetuate or change these messages. Here too awareness is the key. Most women don’t realize what programming they have unconsciously internalized about giving birth and mothering. Only by inviting yourself to actually name your beliefs and ideas do you even become aware of their influence on you. Once there is awareness, it’s a matter of realizing that now you are the adult in your life, you are the one who must form her own views, get expert advice as needed, and otherwise determine where you stand on these, and many other, subjects.

Connecting with yourself in all these ways is the work of a lifetime. It’s not that you’ll accomplish it all now. This is something we all need to do step by step at each stage and age of life. Giving birth and motherhood are opportunities, like everything else in our lives, to know and grow ourselves and come closer to and serve Hashem. Remember, any little step you take in the direction of connecting with yourself – and Hashem — in the context of preparing to give birth, will serve you well not only in birthing your baby, but also in birthing the holy soul Hashem entrusted to you to shepherd through this lifetime.

Inner Torah Learning International Teleconference Workshop- 2015-2016

Iy”H, this year’s teleconference workshop will begin on October 12, 2015, right after Succos. Please go to the workshop page for details.

“Start from wherever you are.”

It sounds so obvious and easy.   Of course, where else could anyone start from.   Yet one of the biggest mistakes people make when looking to grow is starting from an idea about where they should be, where they want to be, where they’d like to think they are, and all sorts of other places other than the simple truth of where they genuinely are, no matter how far that may be from their desired goal.

Michal very much wanted to do Inner Torah work.  Yet each time she tried to work with the process she would get distracted and end up not getting very far.  “What’s going here,” she asked herself.   “Why can’t I do the inner work I’d like to do?”   Michal realized that the feelings she was having weren’t new.  She recognized that she didn’t have much patience, focus, interest, or even desire to hear much about what was going on in the lives of her children, husband, sisters, or friends.  And now, here she was, feeling the same way about herself.

It was hard for her to admit this.  She felt selfish for not wanting, or being able, to focus on and get into other people’s worlds.   And now, not being able to get into her own world when she wanted to, she felt incompetent as well.   Yet this was her true starting point.   She understood that it was only from here that she would be able to move in a way that would enable her to grow and develop the way she hoped.  Rather than judging herself, she needed to find out when and how this mechanism of shutting down in the way she now noticed, was set up inside of her.  She needed to trust that something in her life circumstances must have led a younger vulnerable part of her to close down in this way in relation to people.

Sure enough, as she went in, it didn’t take long to identify the overwhelming quality of her parents’ relationship – their intense fights and the fallout from them – that was too much for her throughout her childhood and adolescence.  She developed a way to tune them out and retreat into her own world.  And that tune out was still operating today with people she actually wanted to be able to take in.

Her willingness to admit her lack of interest in others, and even in herself, was the key here.  That determined her starting place.  Had she tried to fake it and start anywhere else, it wouldn’t work.  She had to start by getting to know the part of her that was not interested in herself or anyone else.

Updates- Elul 5774

Welcome to the Inner Torah website new look. Hopefully the changes will make it easy for you to access the content you’re looking for.

Book Release
The newest book by Miriam Millhauser Castle, The Inner Light of Love, is scheduled to be released shortly and iy”H should be in the bookstores in Israel before Rosh Hashana, and in bookstores in the United States and elsewhere in the world by Succos. You can also order directly from Inner Torah. For a description and excerpt please go to the book tab.

Upcoming U.S. visit
Iy”H, Miriam Millhauser Castle will be teaching and treating in the United States during the month of November 2014. She’ll be based primarily in the New York area. To schedule a private appointment or arrange a workshop, please call or email via the address/phone numbers listed under the contact tab.

Inner Torah Learning International Teleconference Workshop 2014-15
Iy”H, this year’s teleconference workshop will begin on December 29, 2014, right after Chanukah. Please go to the workshop tab for details and the registration form.


After returning from an extended vist to the States teaching and seeing people privately, I decided not to offer the level one Workshop this year and iy”H to use the time to create a series of audio programs that cover the content of the Workshop and can be made more widely available.  Instead iy”H, I’ll incorporate the basics of level one into the program of the ongoing Inner Torah group which is scheduled to meet on Mondays from 9:30-11 a.m. EST, beginning October 29, 2012.   Those basics are really the heart of the work and need to be used on a regular basis so that the powerful healing and growth they offer can be realized.  We’ll also iy”H continue to explore breath and body work as well as new areas of inquiry. 

Anyone who has read the Inner Torah books, done private work with me, been introduced to Inner Torah in a TLC step study course, or completed the level one Inner Torah Learning Workshop, is welcome to participate.  Newcomers and old-timers alike can benefit from the review and practice that will be part of our work in the ongoing group.  Having done Inner Torah work for decades now, I know firsthand how important the core process is and what it takes to master it.  This year iy”H will be an opportunity for all participants to move forward in real and empowering ways in their own work, and to benefit from regular guidance as well as the presence and support of fellow travelers on the inner road. 

The other details, including the registration process and the cost, remain the same.  If you have any questions, you’re welcome to be in contact.  

Miriam Millhauser Castle

Breath and Body of Inner Torah Workshop to be held in LA cancelled

The Breath and Body of Inner Torah Workshop, scheduled to be held Thursday, August 2 was cancelled.  Due to circumstances that arose quite unexpectedly, Rebbetzin Miriam Millhauser Castle, was not able to visit LA as planned.  

 As a token of apology for having to cancel, Rebbetzin Castle offered those who were planning to attend, an opportunity to buy one of the Inner Torah books at half price.  The books included: The Breath and Body of Inner Torah; Inner Torah:Where Consciousness and Kedusha Meet; Practical Inner Torah: A Guide to Going Within; and Walking Mom Home: Sharing the Blessings of This Life’s Final Journey.


Registration is now underway for this year’s Inner Torah Learning Workshop.   Join with a chevrusa (study partner) and receive a tuition discount.   

You’re welcome to listen to an audio preview either on-line or by telephone, review a list of topics covered, and read comments from participants in prior workshops.  If you have questions or need additional information or a registration form,  please be in contact.

Upcoming Summer Schedule in the States — August 2012

IY”H Rebbetzin Miriam Millhauser Castle will be teaching and treating in the LA and NY areas during the month of August 2012.    Programs include, among others,  master classes for current and prior participants in the Inner Torah Learning Workshop (to be held in Monsey NY on August 12, 2012); a public program on the adult daughter/mother relationship and the tremendous opportunity it offers for healing and growth (to be held in Monsey NY on August 19, 2012 — Rosh Chodesh Elul); introductions to the Inner Torah Learning Workshop (to be held in various venues), and a semi-public program on the Breath and Body of Inner Torah (to be held in Los Angeles on August 2, 2012).  Please email for details on public events or to schedule a private appointment with Rebbetzin Millhauser Castle while she is in the States.