About Inner Torah

Miriam Millhauser Castle is a Torah-observant healer and teacher as well as a conflict resolution specialist and lawyer.  Powerful early childhood experiences catapulted her into a direct relationship with dimensions beyond the physical world.  At the same time, as the daughter of German Jewish Holocaust refugees, she also learned early on to be practical and disciplined and to pay close attention to the people and the world around her.  These two very different orientations, reflected in all aspects of her life, are seen clearly in her client work and writing which unite heaven and earth in a unique and powerful way.

She practiced law, becoming a partner in a large law firm. Seeing greater possibilities than those afforded by the traditional legal system, she went on to found CONFLICT Consulting, a pioneer in the field of conflict resolution, helping individuals, corporations, courts, government agencies, and other organizations handle conflict in constructive, creative, and conscious ways.  As a well-known expert in dispute resolution, she published numerous articles, lectured and presented workshops across the United States.  In Israel, her teaching included Torah perspectives on conflict.

Inner Torah Cover

Her approach always emphasized the need for awareness and self-knowledge in order to effect genuine change. Eventually, she made this her area of focus and, incorporating her aptitude for working with energy, the body, and breath, opened a Torah-based healing clinic for women.  There she worked with women interested in going on the remarkable inner journey that is the subject of her first book, Inner Torah: Where Consciousness and Kedushah Meet.

After the publication of Inner Torah, she received many requests for guidance on how to do Inner Torah work on one’s own.  Readers resonated deeply with her words and wanted very much to start plumbing the depths of their lives and their souls, but were not sure how and where to start. In response to these requests, she distilled the essence of Inner Torah into a step by step process that she describes in her second book, Practical Inner Torah: A Guide to Going Within.  That book was written for men and women alike.

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The third book in the Inner Torah series, The Breath and Body of Inner Torah, also expands on concepts discussed in the original book, again in a way that enables readers to work by themselves individually or in pairs or small groups.  In this book, the emphasis is on ways to be with one’s breath and body in service of coming into more authentic relationship with the self and others, and of coming closer to Hashem.

Miriam Millhauser Castle’s commitment to spiritual and emotional growth in all life circumstances has been evident throughout her life. In another of her books, Walking Mom Home: sharing the blessings of this life’s final journey, she describes the time she spent with her mother in the last year of her mother’s life.  It’s Inner Torah in action, weaving together inner and outer, spiritual and material, life and death — with tender love and care.

This same love and care is present in her work today as she helps people around the world, in person and on the telephone, heal and grow and come closer to Hashem through the Inner Torah process. The fruits of her experiences and client work are continually shared through soulful writings that guide and inspire.  The Inner Light of LoveHer most recent book is The Inner Light of Love, inspired by her observation that love is an essential ingredient missing for so many. She also gives workshops to support women in their inner work offering the benefits of skilled guidance and the company of others on the inner journey.

Miriam lives in Jerusalem with her husband, Rabbi Dovid Castle.