Inner Torah TeleconferenceINNER TORAH LEARNING INTERNATIONAL TELECONFERENCE WORKSHOP 2020-2021 (for those with some level of experience doing inner work with themselves)

Blessed by Hashem with vast inner worlds, we can always go further and deeper on the miraculous journey of discovery and growth that He designed for each of us.

This year’s Workshop is devoted to the very important subject of MARRIAGE.

Your marriage is a unique vessel you and your spouse are crafting together. It is your one-of-a-kind base from which to serve Hashem, build your family, and realize your G-d given potential.

Using Inside Marriage, the 6th book in the Inner Torah series, the Workshop will take you to the heart of this most remarkable joint undertaking, connecting you to your highest aspirations while grounding you in skills needed to navigate everyday challenges.

With support from Rebbetzin Castle and fellow participants, you’ll not only learn new perspectives, you’ll have the chance to do the inner work needed to actually integrate and implement those perspectives in a way that iy”H will greatly benefit you and your marriage.

The sessions also include breath and body explorations to help you ground, center, and have more energy, as well as opportunities to share experiences and ask questions.

Confidentiality and privacy are respected. While we work together, each person works with her own issues, comes into relationship with her own inner self. Sharing is optional and, if desired, can be accomplished by sending in your question/experience which can then be related to the group anonymously. Participants benefit tremendously from hearing each other’s experiences. They realize that they’re not alone and, with the sharing of ideas that happens, they learn from each other’s innovations as well.

The workshop this year will meet every other week on Monday for 1¼ hours from 10 to 11:15 AM Eastern Time (U.S.).  The meeting schedule, which includes a break for Pesach, is as follows:

  • October 26th  2020
  • November 9th and November 23rd  2020
  • December 7th 2020 and December 21st  2020
  • January 4th and January 18th  2021
  • February 1st and February 15th  2021
  • March 1st  2021
  • April 12th and April 26th  2021
  • May 10th and 24th 2021
  • June 7th and June 21st 
  • July 12th and July 26th  2021

Tuition for the year is $380 and is payable by October 16, 2020 by credit card through Paypal (payment to, via the website or by providing your credit card information and having the payment processed for you.  Those who have not previously participated in an Inner Torah program will also need to complete a registration form.  

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