What is Inner Torah?

Inner Torah is a term that reflects a way of being in this world – a way that recognizes that:

  • everything is from Hashem (G-d),
  • our lives are holy text through which Hashem communicates with each of us individually,
  • our life circumstances and experiences are exactly as they need to be for our souls to evolve in this lifetime, and
  • it is our job to be with whatever happens in a way that enables us to grow, to become who we were created to be, to make our rightful contributions to the world and to come closer to Hashem.

Inner Torah is the name of a process created to help us come into loving relationship with ourselves, others and Hashem. It is a process that involves skills that can be developed and practiced by anyone willing to devote the necessary time and energy to learning them.

These are skills we need throughout life. There will always be events and circumstances that awaken new or long-buried aspects of the self. Each stage and chapter of life brings its own challenges. Inner Torah helps us to meet those challenges in an alive, aware, and often even joyful, way — and to become more whole and more holy in the process.

Inner Torah is a way to come into fuller and more authentic embodiment of one’s soul, one’s true essence. Through the gateways of breath and body, it guides us into actual experience of the Divine and eternal life force that animates our existence.

Inner Torah is an invitation to know and grow oneself and to touch the holy, the infinite, the spark of Hashem within.