Welcome to Inner Torah

From an Inner Torah student

Dearest Miriam,
It’s a priceless gift you’ve given me, the key to my own heart
It’s a set of tools and skills and how to use them, a true art
You taught me how to navigate my inner sense of soul
To reach deep beyond the surface, to truly become whole
To heal old wounds, and clear the space
That’s been blocking me from my own face
As I travel further on this journey
Meeting my every vulnerability
I recognize it’s a task, lifelong
turning my life into a beautiful song
this path is pure and holy
full of majesty, full of beauty
and yet, when I reach a place that’s dark
with work and insight, I can light up a spark
you’ve taught me a way to live, even more to grow
to challenge what I already know
to empathize, to truly feel
to acknowledge that I know it’s real
to create a bond, a strong connection
sometimes the need to hold the tension
to open my eyes to a new perspective
to tune in again, and be reflective
the tears will flow, I’ll know I’m there
my younger vulnerable self I begin to hear
to come to the truth inside and out
to be so sure I have no doubt
it’s a process in which I’ve grown so much
with my very own being I’ve become in touch
as I learned to relate to who I am inside
it’s a fierce struggle, sometimes going against the tide
my every experience is still living within
although it may seem gone or deeply hidden
I now know it’s only a drop beneath my skin
it’s pulsing through my very own nervous system
it’s my unique song, with my very own rhythm
through building and nurturing relationships all around
it’s myself I have also built and found
to learn to self- care to truly love
and then ultimately The One Above!