The Breath and Body of Inner Torah


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Hashem gave each of us the capacity to stay in right relationship with ourselves and others. That capacity is so basic to our ability to be what He created us to be that He implanted it in the breath – the most essential component of life itself – and in the body – the soul’s home in the physical world. The breath and body can help us to come into deep contact with ourselves and maintain that contact in our encounters with others.

This book, the third in the Inner Torah series, is devoted to exploring ways in which breath and body can serve as doorways to our authentic selves and to closeness with G-d. It elaborates and expands on ideas discussed more generally in Inner Torah and is intended to be used in conjunction with Practical Inner Torah. Covering such core topics as breath, voice, movement, touch, energy, and boundaries, it is a remarkable guide to living a fully embodied life – a life of wholeness and holiness.

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