Inner Torah TeleconferenceAn INTRODUCTORY INNER TORAH COURSE you can do on your own time at your own pace. 

Strengthen your adult self while discovering and nurturing the younger, vulnerable parts of yourself.   Experience the pleasure of being more capable and Torah’dik, while feeling more understood, appreciated, respected, and loved than ever before iy”H. 

The course includes 20 recorded classes given by Miriam Millhauser Castle, the author of the Inner Torah books and leader of the acclaimed Inner Torah Learning International Teleconference Workshop. PLUS, with the telephone option, you’ll be able to listen to 16 recorded question and answer sessions from prior workshops.

This is a unique opportunity to learn to use the Inner Torah process in a very real, hands-on way. You’ll also learn other important skills including grieving and touch, and receive very specific suggestions for practicing all that you’re learning. In addition, in each session you’ll be guided through breath and body explorations to help you feel more grounded, energetic, and relaxed. There’s even a bonus class of short breath and body explorations, with musical interludes between them, to use throughout your day.  For a description of the sessions, click here.

The content of the Introductory Workshop comes from prior level one Inner Torah Learning Workshops so you’ll be getting the same opportunity to learn the process as participants in those programs. And once you complete the course, you’ll have enough background IY”H to join the live Inner Torah Learning International Teleconference Workshop if you’d like. To listen to an excerpt from session one of the introductory course click on the “Play” button below.
Inner Torah Workbook
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It’s beneficial to use the Inner Torah Workbook along with the Workshop.  With the Workbook, you can review and practice what you’re learning in the course as well as develop your own personalized next steps. It’s highly recommended.

The course is now offered in two formats, for your convenience:

Telephone Option

With this option, you can access all of the material, including the question and answer sessions, at your convenience via telephone for a period of one year. There’s no waiting for a workshop to begin. You can register any time and listen as often as you like.

Tuition is $275. Payment can be made by credit card via PayPal on our payment page. If you’d like to use a credit card but don’t have access to Paypal, you can submit your credit card information and the payment will be processed for you.

To register, please complete and return the registration form along with payment.

Audio Download Option

The Introductory Workshop, without the question and answer sessions, is now also available as an audio downloadYou need to submit the online registration form in order to gain access to the purchase/download page.

The Workshop is a single, complete course, as you can see from the description of the workshop sessions. The sessions are sequential, each one building on the one before. You need to start from the beginning of the program and proceed session by session to the end in order to get the full benefit of the material. Starting in the middle or skipping around is not advised.

You can download the Workshop in its entirety, or if you prefer, in four parts of five sessions each – not because any one session or part stands on its own but rather to make it more convenient for you. The bonus breath and body session can be downloaded with purchase of any one of the four parts.


The Inner Torah Introductory Workshop is a Copyrighted Course for your personal use only and may not be shared, transmitted, or otherwise made available in any form or format to anyone else.  By downloading any or all parts of the Workshop you are agreeing to these terms of use.

The download is available for two weeks from the time of purchase and can be accessed twice.

If you have any questions please call 410-486-4306 (U.S. line) or 02-566-3630 (Israeli line) or email