About The Author

Miriam Millhauser Castle is a Torah-observant healer and teacher as well as a conflict resolution specialist and lawyer. Powerful early childhood experiences catapulted her into a direct relationship with dimensions beyond the physical world. At the same time, as the daughter of German Jewish Holocaust refugees, she also learned early on to be practical and disciplined and to pay close attention to the people and the world around her. These two very different orientations, reflected in all aspects of her life, are seen clearly in her client work and writing which unite heaven and earth in a unique and powerful way.

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Rabbinic Guidance

Rabbinic guidance for all Inner Torah programs is provided by Rabbi Dovid Castle. Rabbi Castle has spent his life learning Torah, teaching Torah, heading various Torah educational institutions, advocating and resolving disputes according to Torah law, writing seforim in both Hebrew and English, and counseling couples and individuals. The inclusion of his Torah insights in the third book of the Inner Torah series, The Breath and Body of Inner Torah, took that work to a new level adding tremendously to its depth and scope.

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