After returning from an extended vist to the States teaching and seeing people privately, I decided not to offer the level one Workshop this year and iy”H to use the time to create a series of audio programs that cover the content of the Workshop and can be made more widely available.  Instead iy”H, I’ll incorporate the basics of level one into the program of the ongoing Inner Torah group which is scheduled to meet on Mondays from 9:30-11 a.m. EST, beginning October 29, 2012.   Those basics are really the heart of the work and need to be used on a regular basis so that the powerful healing and growth they offer can be realized.  We’ll also iy”H continue to explore breath and body work as well as new areas of inquiry. 

Anyone who has read the Inner Torah books, done private work with me, been introduced to Inner Torah in a TLC step study course, or completed the level one Inner Torah Learning Workshop, is welcome to participate.  Newcomers and old-timers alike can benefit from the review and practice that will be part of our work in the ongoing group.  Having done Inner Torah work for decades now, I know firsthand how important the core process is and what it takes to master it.  This year iy”H will be an opportunity for all participants to move forward in real and empowering ways in their own work, and to benefit from regular guidance as well as the presence and support of fellow travelers on the inner road. 

The other details, including the registration process and the cost, remain the same.  If you have any questions, you’re welcome to be in contact.  

Miriam Millhauser Castle