The Breath and Body of Inner Torah

Too many of us go through life disconnected from our bodies, aware of our thoughts but little else.  We forget that the body is home to the soul.  We forget even to breathe and partake of the full quotient of life force that our breath holds for us.  And then we wonder, why we feel less vital, less alive, less real to ourselves than we once did. 

The latest book in the Inner Torah series, The Breath and Body of Inner Torah, is an invitation to reclaim our bodily homes.  It blends Torah teachings, real-life stories and physical explorations, to take readers into the very cells of their beings to discover their true potential.   It shows how the deeper we can reach within, the further we can reach without.  How, from inside ourselves, we can navigate the challenges of our lives with unimaginable ease and serenity.

The Breath and Body of Inner Torah is a book you can work with on your own or with others.   Intended for use as a companion volume to Inner Torah and Practical Inner Torah, it takes you on a fascinating journey into the body to reach the soul — the precious and holy spark of the Infinite that lies within us all.

The Breath and Body of Inner Torah is scheduled for release in June 2009.  Look for it at your local Jewish bookstore and online at and