Among the many gifts of Inner Torah are the creativity and talent that it enables its users to discover and actualize. Hidden deep within us are not only pains and problems! There’s so much light and joy, so many unique abilities.

Ruchy Weiss’s lively, heart-opening Inner Torah song is a beautiful example. Ruchy was moved to share her inspiration and learning through a song that she wrote and then recorded with two of her daughters. Her song gave so much to her fellow workshop participants, who told her how much it helped them stay focused and connected and enjoy their inner work. At the same time it gave Ruchy great pleasure to use her creative talents in this way and involve her children so that they too could benefit from the experience.

Below are the lyrics from Ruchy’s song. Click here to view the CD insert.

To purchase a copy, please contact Ruchy directly at 845-352-3555.


Written by: Ruchy Weiss


With the masses of people,
That we meet every day.
Everyone a unique spark,
In their own special way.
Yet when they speak a language,
That we don’t comprehend.
We first react, we lose the track,
Of how to make amends.
Sights and sounds and visions,
Encountered everywhere.
Daily life’s decisions,
We live our lives in fear.
Upheaval of emotions,
Intensely feeling tight.
We first react, we lose the track,
Of our inner truthful might.

INNER TORAH is your guide,
To travel deep inside.
In the mirror see, your adult

Take your younger self in hand,
And help her understand.
With your breath maintain the deep

I pray to You, I know and feel,
Hashem can help US heal.
Guide me to attain the right

I know and understand,
I must take it in my hands.
To do my best and not expect

   PART 2

Now when masses of people,
I meet along the way.
I see each as a unique spark,
In their own special way.
I find myself and look at them,
From deep within I see.
And I can give them, in a big way,
As a separate entity!
(Inner Torah process -in short)
When reacting disproportionate,
I breathe and ground inside.
I name whatever’s happening.
The adult I am with pride.
I try to feel my younger self,
And acknowledge her distress.
I reassure, she’s not alone,
Give perspective at its best.



Each Nisayon has a story,
The puzzle seems unclear.
Hashem with all his glory,
Helps me persevere.
I have a past, a life story.
The future I don’t know.
Yet I’m content with the here and now,
And with inner work I’ll grow!!
Yet I’m content with the here and now,
And with inner work I’ll grow!!