Inner Torah Introductory Course
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Sessions 16-20 PLUS Bonus Session

In addition to the content described below, each session includes breath and body work and suggestions for practice.

Session 16:  Exploring the face; continued discussion of deeper issues that may affect development of skills; steps to take to work on skills; how to help  differing parts of yourself relate to each other and bring you to greater sheleimus (wholeness).

Session 17:  Working with yourself while in the process of implementing a new skill; learning how to balance taking care of your own needs and the needs of others; examples of introducing new skills; communicating compassionately even when saying no.

Session 18: Conclusion of skill discussion with a common example; introduction to the role of grief and loss; the importance of grieving; helping your younger, vulnerable self grieve; learning the skill of grieving.

Session 19:  The skill of grieving continued; examples of grieving a loss; dealing with fear of emotional pain; facing strong emotions; the movement of grief.

Session 20: The language of touch; the power of touch; developing sensitivity of touch; reaching out to your younger, vulnerable self through touch; experiencing the healing power of touch; respecting boundaries.

BONUS SESSIONTransitions – Short breath and body explorations, with musical interludes between, to help you quickly come into your body and be present to whatever you’re doing.

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