Inner Torah Introductory Course
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Sessions 11-15 PLUS Bonus Session

In addition to the content described below, each session includes breath and body work and suggestions for practice.

Session 11:  Different ways to do the work; building relationship with the younger, vulnerable self; the power of sincere words and how they affect energy; ways to make contact that don’t violate boundaries; dealing with strong feelings that need venting; encouraging your younger, vulnerable self to express her thoughts and feelings; helping your younger, vulnerable self communicate.

Session 12:  Exploring the spine; distinguishing the past from the present – “That was then and this is now;” the Inner Torah circuit from the present through whatever needs to be dealt with from the past and back to the present; cleaning the lens through which you look at events in the present; stories of going full circle through the Inner Torah process.

Session 13:  Exploring the mid-body; more examples of Inner Torah in action with an emphasis on distinguishing the past from the present – “that was then and this is now.”

Session 14:  More on breathing/exploring the diaphragm; recognizing your ability to make choices — an incredible gift from Hashem; becoming aware of boundaries; the tendency to make negative assumptions and how to work with it; clarifying the transition from past (then) to present (now).

Session 15:  Review of essential awareness list — the basics of the Inner Torah Process; ways to strengthen the adult self’s ability to help the younger, vulnerable self; the issue of missing skills; developing reasonable expectations; understanding the learning process; examples of skills that might be missing; hashkafic questions that may influence what a person expects from herself; deeper underlying issues beyond hashkafa that may affect someone’s ability to function in an area.

BONUS SESSIONTransitions – Short breath and body explorations, with musical interludes between, to help you quickly come into your body and be present to whatever you’re doing.

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