Inner Torah Introductory Course
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Sessions 6-10 PLUS Bonus Session

In addition to the content described below, each session includes breath and body work and suggestions for practice.

Session 6:  The power of breath; the remez level of learning; going beyond identifying your experience and beginning to understand what’s happening and where it’s coming from inside of you; getting to know yourself; how your inner world is affecting your experience; tracking back to your younger, vulnerable self.

Session 7:  More about the Inner Torah process; the remez level of learning continued; connecting with the younger, vulnerable self; connecting with your adult self today.

Session 8:  Ways to connect with your adult self today; what to expect from your adult self today; possible issues of existence; bringing your adult and younger, vulnerable selves together; finding your starting point.

Session 9:  Dealing with resistance from your adult self; possible barriers to building relationship with your younger, vulnerable self; what happens when the adult you meets the younger you.

Session 10:  Exploring voice; Inner Torah in the moment that something is happening; initiating contact with a younger, vulnerable self and what to convey to her; possibility of resistance from a younger, vulnerable self and how to handle it; recognizing hurtful ways you treat yourself, including negative self talk, and learning how to treat yourself differently.

BONUS SESSIONTransitions – Short breath and body explorations, with musical interludes between, to help you quickly come into your body and be present to whatever you’re doing.

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