Inner Torah Introductory Course
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Sessions 1-5 PLUS Bonus Session

In addition to the content described below, each session includes breath and body work and suggestions for practice.

Session 1: Welcome; introduction to Inner Torah and how it works; definitions and key words/concepts in Inner Torah; developing awareness; the value of breath and body work.

Session 2: Breathing explorations; more about how Inner Torah works; why relate to the past; how to live more fully in the present; learning about your inner world; connecting your inner and outer worlds; emotions and energy.

Session 3: Developing awareness; helping yourself at different life stages; internalizing/taking responsibility; recognizing and living the reality that everything comes from Hashem, is tailored to the needs of our souls, and Hashem created the world to bestow good; what can get in the way of developing the skills needed to grow.

Session 4: Continued discussion of what can get in the way of learning and growing; what is lost by not relating to our lives as holy text; the important skill of stretching and holding the tension of opposites; allowing seemingly contradictory thoughts and feelings to live inside of us simultaneously.

Session 5: Learning the stories of our lives to come closer to Hashem and become the people He created us to be; levels of learning; the pshat level of learning – relating to yourself, becoming aware, identifying triggers, discovering what you’re feeling/thinking/sensing; the importance of learning this basic level of self-awareness.

BONUS SESSIONTransitions – Short breath and body explorations, with musical interludes between, to help you quickly come into your body and be present to whatever you’re doing.